ThatOneGamer66 Says:

Hear it From our Players!

"The Nootopian server has a nice and friendly community with many add-ons that you may enjoy, there are “crates” {Loot Noots} that can give you good loot, and there are commands {/rtp} to go into a place where people haven’t really explored and you can make your base anywhere you like as long as it's not messing with other people's builds/bases, you can also do a parkour thing that is fun but hard to do."

Join in on the fun

Why? Well, My favorite part about this server is how easy it is to spend time here. Everyone really comes together as a community and since we're small it's nice to see everyone. Another thing I enjoy is the theme and the loot we all get. I find it to be a step above being vanilla and not too overly complicated. So it makes something classic a little more fun. We have a few cool things in the works and really hope you stick around to see what's next in store! Happy minecrafting everyone!