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Impact of Depression On Students' Academic Career

Depression is one of the most common psychological disorders that students are exposed to. Depression can leave students feeling helpless, worthless, and with poor concentration which in turn affects their academic performance.

Several factors can give rise to depression and the burden of assignments is one of them. A student who is not capable to do a Zara fast fashion case study solution will feel depressed when assigned this sort of assignment. He might need expert assistance to get things sorted.

A study was conducted by Lester and Jane on depression among students.

The study was conducted with high school students; however, these results may also be applied to college or university students as well due to similar circumstances with grades and expectations related to education.

The main focal point of the survey was about how these depressed adolescents felt about themselves and how it affected their daily lives. There were several different groups involved in this study including both male and female genders. There were a total of 707 participants from more than four renowned high schools and the results were averaged to gain better insight into this depression study.

Out of the 707 participants involved in this survey, there were a total of 565 girls and 142 boys that participated. Approximately one-third of all students, which makes approximately 32%, admitted that they did not feel good about themselves while attending school.

Out of the one-third of students who did not feel confident in themselves, 14% reported negative changes in their grades because of lack of concentration due to these depressive feelings. This percentage may be even higher than initially recorded because many teenagers do not want to admit or might be afraid to acknowledge that their bad grade performance is due to these depressed feelings.

The majority of students (55%) who felt unhappy with their appearance also reported lowered grades in school due to lack of concentration. This decreased concentration adversely affected students' academic performance and gave birth to a cumulative effect on self-image and low confidence levels.

This survey conducted by Lester and Jane in 2009 suggests that depression among teenagers can cause many negative factors such as poor grades and conclusions about the students' cognitive abilities which then affects the student's view of themselves.

It is important for high school educators and parents alike to be aware of these factors because they could affect their child's future educational progress or potential career choice.


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