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Server / Community Rules

By joining our Minecraft Server, Discord, this website's forums,
or any associated space on the internet or in real life, you agree to follow these rules.
These rules are designed to protect you and others from harm of various sorts and to prevent unnecessary pain or troubles that can be commonly caused in communities. Though they are sorted in various categories there may be overlap and may reach beyond its originally assigned section.
General Rule, If you ever think to yourself or have to ask: "Is this ok?",
do not do it.

Section 1: General Community / Associated Sites / In-Real Life (IRL)

  1. Respect Others; Everyone is different everyone has an equal chance of being a decent person.

  2. No Hate; Age, Gender, Sex(uality), Interests, Beliefs, ect. There is no reason to hate someone just because of who they are. You don't have to like, talk, or get along with everyone, but there's no reason to make someone feel bad about themselves.

  3. Adult Language and conversations are allowed. If a player/person asks for you to stop/change topic either do so, or move the conversation away from a public setting.

Section 2: Minecraft Server

  1. Don't Grief, we want our server and community to be beautiful and welcoming to all. That means respect Builds, and surrounding landscapes.​​

  2. Stealing is ok, but not from claimed or protected areas

  3. Don't spam chat, there's never a reason to spam chat. *sending random letters (sadnfjub), FULL CAPS, or the same message over and over and over and over and over* are different forms of spam.

  4. Mild Swearing is ok, severe words are filtered, bypassing the filter is not allowed. *Contact Server Staff if you have suggestions for the filter.* 

  5. Don't Cheat, Fullbright, Basic Mini-Maps, or Basic HUD modifiers are allowed. No X-Rays, Kill Auras, movement modifiers, chest hacks, and more are not allowed. Reach out to staff if you have further questions.

Section 3: Discord Server / Forums

  1. Don't spam (See Section 2:3)

  2. Keep relevant conversations in their chat rooms

  3. Keep the Hard and Offensive Memes in the NSFW channel. Anything that is viewed as severely inappropriate there will be removed and the poster will lose uploading rights.

Section 4: Store

  1. Chargebacks/ Refunds/ Cancelled Payments of any kind is not allowed. All Sales/Donations are final. Any questions or concerns about Donations, In-game/ Physical Merch can be handled in the Forums > Support.

  2. No Trading or selling of in-game items for IRL Money, any action of trade or selling of in-game goods for IRL currency is forbidden.

Section 5: Levels of Punishment

  1. Mutes - A mute will be applied when a player doesn't show change after a staff member asks them to stop or correct their chat behavior. Mutes can last from 30 Minutes to 24 hours and can start at various lengths based off of reason for mute, and level of repeated offense. *Can be appealed in Forums > Support.*

  2. Kick / Bans - A Player may be Kicked or Temporary Banned if found doing harm to the community beyond chat or if 24 hour mute isn't enough. A Kick is anywhere from 1 Hour - 3 days, Temp Bans can range from 3 - 14 days. *Can be appealed in Forums > Support.*

  3. Full UUID / IP Ban - If your actions lead you to getting fully banned you are most likely done. Likely cause of this was:

    1. Full on Unwarranted Destruction of in game communities. (Extreme Griefing)

    2. Long history of Chat abuse with no signs of changing.

    3. Actually Hacked / DDoS Server

    4. (See Section 4)

*Feel Free to Appeal if you feel like this was too severe or you were wrongly targeted for a full ban, Owners are the only one that can reverse ​a Full UUID / IP Ban.*

Mutes and Temporary Bans will be issued to players who break rules.
The Length of Mute / Ban period will be set according to the rule broken and Level of Repeated Offense.
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